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Lexington KY Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures are an affordable, time-tested, and proven treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. A properly made denture will not only replace your missing teeth, but restore your face and mouth to its proper shape and form. Our goals for our patients in Lexington, KY with dentures are a beautiful restored smile, ability to enjoy food, and confidence with speaking and phonetics. A good denture should last at least five years, but needs to be replaced by ten years due to wear and changes to your supporting bone and tissues.

Complete dentures are an excellent option for replacing all of the natural teeth following dental extractions. At Commonwealth Smiles, our goals for complete dentures are to give the patient a beautiful, natural new smile; restore the ability to enjoy eating and chewing foods; and restore confidence in speaking and phonetics.
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Partial dentures are an excellent option for replacing several of missing natural teeth when there are still many natural teeth remaining in the dental arch. At Commonwealth Smiles in Lexington, KY, partial dentures are great for patients who want a conservative treatment for missing teeth, excellent denture retention, and no surgeries for dental implants.
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Implant retained dentures are a superior solution for patients missing all teeth, but wanting additional retention on their denture. Implant retained dentures “click in and stay in” by locking into dental implants that have been placed in the jaw bone. This treatment requires the placement of dental implants which is a minor and routine surgery. In Lexington, KY implant dentures are changing the way patients with missing teeth eat, smile, and speak.
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Regardless of where your denture was made, if it needs adjustments, repairs, or a relign, we are ready to help. Many denture repairs are simple and can be done while you wait, while others require reprocessing at our dental lab. It is always best to leave the repairs to us as opposed to attempting to repair the dentures on your own, because the smallest adjustments can cause dramatic changes to the denture’s fit retention, and support.

A denture relign is a simple treatment to enhance the fit of your denture to compensate for subtle changes in your jaw bone and supporting tissues.
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If you are looking for dentures in Lexington, KY, you have come to the right place. Our patients are very satisfied with the comfort, stability, and quality of their new dentures. Below, please select the following tabs for more information regarding Commonwealth Smiles’ denture services. Please stop by for a consultation and we can discuss together which treatment is right for you.